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Chiggers are so small that you will never see it with the naked eye. But you will see the bite that they left. These types of bites are different than a Mosquito bite. It is recommended that you prevent the chigger bite than having to deal with the bite. But you cannot be 100% covered at all times so if you are bitten it will be unfortunate but you will have to treat it.

If you felt something bite your leg and you are in a wooded area, chances are a chigger bit you. Take a look at where you were bitten, you should start to see some red welts. There may be an open wound, so you will have to use an antibiotic ointment such as Hydrocortisone Cream, Neosporin or A+D Ointment. You may also want to use Calamine lotion, this will not help the wound heal but it will stop the itching you are going to feel later.

There are some products on the market that may help, these are specially made for chigger bites, Chigarid and Chigg-away. If you can’t find these in your local drug stores then you will have to stick with the creams we mentioned above. It would be a good idea to keep the bite covered to avoid infection.

Sometimes we cannot avoid being bitten by mosquitoes no matter how hard we try and it can be even harder to spot chiggers. You can try to protect yourself with bug spray but you have to find one that lists chiggers on their cans. Chiggers are more common in wooded area and in the Southern United States. But if you are camping or hiking in any wooded area especially in the summer time then you have to take precautions and hope that they help.

Some other helpful hints when treating chigger bites, is to apply anti lice shampoo on the wound. Another skin healer is Vaseline; smear a little on the wound and cover. This should help seal the wound rather quickly. The worst thing that can happen if you don’t take care of these wounds is you will get an infection.

The infection could be worse than the original bite. Chigger bites can be worse if you don’t care of them so seek medical attention right away until you can get some supplies on your own. Or if you know you are going to be in camping or hiking, carry a first aid kit with the creams we mentioned and bandages. Use the Boy Scout Motto” Always be Prepared”

How To Treat a Chigger Bite

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