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Chiggers are microscopic arachnids that despite their size torment all kinds of animals, including humans. Also called harvest mites, this reddish colored pest hatches as larvae in grass and foliage and immediately grab on to the first warm-blooded creature (and sometimes cold-blooded creature) that passes by. The larvae then attaches itself to a pore or hair follicle. In order to grow up into an adult chigger, it needs a little extra protein and gets this by injecting digestive enzymes into the hole and dissolving the surrounding skin cells for food. When the chigger larva has gotten what it needs from you, it lets go, changing to a diet of plant matter. It then feed on plants on where they lay more eggs.

It isn?t so much the chigger as the bite that?s the problem. They become horribly itchy welts that refuse to heal for up to two weeks. Below you will find some help for chigger bites and ideas for how to get rid of the annoying little beasties.

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