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Removing Chiggers
If it?s looking like you just wandered into an army of chiggers move quick. Get you clothes in the washer on the hottest setting and yourself in the shower. Scrub as best you can, taking special care to warm moist areas like the knees, neck, between your toes and other comfy homes for chiggers.

Chigger bites
Chigger bites itch horribly and swell into raised red welts that can last for a couple of weeks before subsiding. However, you shouldn?t scratch. You?ll only make matters worse. Instead, apply something that will limit their exposure to air.

There are several things that people recommend to help with the itching including:

* Clear nail polish
* Green tea extract
* Calamine lotion
* Hydrocortisone cream

Treating Chigger Bites

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Chigger Bites

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