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Chiggers are parasites from the Trombicula Species; they are small red bugs that are actually the larva from microscopic mites. The bugs themselves are so small that it is hard to see them with the naked eye. But it is the larva that is harmful to you not the bug itself. Once they hatch from their eggs and they find a host from a person to an animal, all they have to do is bite and it begins. There is a big difference when a mosquito bites and a chigger bites. Mosquitoes bit the surface of your skin and it doesn’t really interfere with the blood flow.

Now, when a Chigger bites, they have venom in their blood. Unlike Mosquito bites, Chigger Bites leave an open wound rather than a small red bump like the Mosquitoes do. The bites are small but they are toxic. You should bathe in hot water as soon as you can after being bit, you don’t know how many others are around and you want to kill them before they bite you all over.

There really isn’t a confirmed medicine to help with Chigger bites, some people have said that Nu Skin is great, the object to treating a Chigger bite is to close up the wound as soon as possible before it becomes infected. Using Nu-Skin is a great way to do that. These wound will itch, taking a hot bathe will soothe the itch. Do your best not to scratch it because bites like that have a better chance of becoming infected if you scratch them. If you have to scratch, make sure you wash your hands before and after.

Due to the size of the Chiggers you will never see one on you so the best way to ward them off is with bug spray and by wearing clothes where the sleeves and pant legs are secure so that the bugs have no way of getting inside. Prevention is the best way to help stop a chigger bite.

Chiggers are mostly commonly found in the woods or in new lawns and new home construction. In the United States, Chiggers are found mostly in Southern States. Bug spray can help ward off Chiggers but make sure that the spray you have covers the chiggers. These bites can last about 2 to 3 weeks. Consult your doctor if a Chigger bites you, they may have advice for you.

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